International Conference
about design in education

The Conference

The main goal of the conference is to point out the correlation between good design of educational materials and the increase of efficiency in education. Design here being understood both in a restricted sense, of graphical design, and in a more general sense, of planning and structuring information.

Textbooks, as the most used tool in education, will be at the centre of the discussion as it is argued that well-designed textbooks can enhance efficiency of the learning and teaching process, ultimately raising the education level. But what does this have to do with the title of the conference? Well, the expression “Ala ma kota” is known to Poles as the first sentence they learn to read in school (lots of “a”s there) and “matura” is the final examination at the end of secondary school. These two terms set the tone and focus of our conference – educational materials from 1st grade to the secondary level. So what does the future have in store for textbooks and the way we learn at schools? We know that the internet, tablets, and other “technesses” are entering the classrooms, but do we know how to design for them and how they are changing roles in education? Can we or should we transfer paper textbook design practices to the new media? And what are the latest findings on paper textbook design?

The conference «Od ‘Ala ma kota’ do e-matury» will tackle these issues, and many more, by bringing together specialists from different European countries, and from different areas of expertise – typographers, designers, publishers, entrepreneurs, teachers, policy makers – in order to present a true integrated vision of the field. We will begin with an exciting debate on the current state of design in education and then experts from 11 countries will hold inspiring and energetic 16 minutes presentations (TED style), where they will share their ideas, their discoveries and their histories of success on the field of design and education. All attendants of the conference will also have the opportunity, later in the day, to go head to head with the guest speakers in the “table-talk” meetings and continue the discussion.

The conference will take place in the National Library in Warsaw on April 18th, 2012 and is meant for an audience ranging from publishers and designers of textbooks to policymakers and schoolteachers. Register now to reserve a place at this EUNIC event.